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425magazine.com screenshot of Tika Smith as 2020 Citizen of the Year

425 Magazine Citizen Of The Year 2020

Q&A with 425 Magazine Citizen of the Year Feature


A Q13 Fox Segment on Homelessness with News Reporter and Anchor, Alexandra Lewis and BAWSE's Founder and President, Tika S. Smith 


Highlights from #EquipHer18

1st Annual Women Empowerment Conference

Class For Confidence


Kate Joncas

Serving Mother's Day dinner at Mary's Place Women and children's Shelter in Seattle

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Thank you sooo much for serving dinner to our guests at EFS on Mother's Day! You truly made this day special for our families, especially the mothers staying with us.

Mary's Place, Seattle

"It's organizations like BAWSE Movement, and people like Tika Smith that are really doing great things in our community! Thank you!

Ethan Stowell, Owner & Chef - Ethan Stowell Restaurants

The Class of Confidence was lovely, extremely empowering, and fun! Everyone there was happy and helpful with a smile. I learned so much...how to properly apply make up at 56...I was wowed! I felt like a princess!

A Phenomenal Woman


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Highlights from #EquipHer18

Highlights from #EquipHer18

Thanks to our Amazing Village of Partners, Donors, Supporters, Volunteers, and of course our BAWSEOME Panelist/Guest Speakers, our 2nd Annual Women...
Equip Her 2018 Special Guest Speaker Liisa Spink

Equip Her 2018 Special Guest Speaker Liisa Spink

Liisa Spink is currently the Affiliate Manager for Dress for Success Seattle (DFSS). Previous to DFSS, Liisa helped raise over $4 million for Seatt...
Equip Her 2018 Special Guest Speaker Alicia Dara

Equip Her 2018 Special Guest Speaker Alicia Dara

Alicia is a Seattle-based voice teacher (singing and public speaking) with over 20 years experience. Corporate clients include Microsoft, Kimpton H...


UWKC Night Of Caring

Class For Confidence

Night Of Caring

Panelist Cindy Bright dropping gems on the ladies

Professional Voice Coach Alicia Dara empowers the ladies

Our queens getting tips on how to boost up their confidence with Professional MUA, Michael Christensen